IT Rules : How the Government Plans to Regulate Social Media in India

China’s Regulations on Generative AI

According to the modified IT Rules, in back 2021, all government- related information that has been fact- checked and set up to be incorrect, fraudulent, or misleading must be removed by all interposers, including social media platforms. The name of the Central Government fact- checking unit in India will be blazoned by the IT Ministry, but it’s likely to be the Press Information Bureau’s fact- checking unit, which reports to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, as the IT Minister preliminarily stated.

The safe harbour protections handed by Section 79 of the IT Act, 2000, which exempts interposers from liability for content posted by druggies, may be lost by the conciliator if a social media platform( similar as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit,etc.), an Internet service provider( similar as Airtel, Jio,etc.), or any other conciliator fails to remove the content linked by the fact check unit. The IT Amendment Rules, 2023, which were blazoned on April 6 are what give the government this new authority.

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